About Royal Canadian Properties

As part of the Royal Canadian Securities group of companies, Royal Canadian Properties shares a long tradition of integrity and excellence that dates back over a century. Our focus is on managing a quality real estate portfolio by building excellent long-term partnerships with our tenants and our business associates. Royal Canadian Properties owns, develops, and professionally manages retail, office, and industrial properties in Western Canada.

Our mission consists of four main elements:

  • To provide excellent, friendly, first class service to our customers, our tenants, our suppliers, agents, and fellow team members;
  • To build on the traditions of our organization, from the nurturing of family values and supporting worthy charitable organizations to carrying out our business dealings with the highest standard of integrity;
  • To provide outstanding and meticulously-maintained properties for our tenants and their customers; and
  • To continue to grow our business, providing opportunities for our committed and enthusiastic team members to build lifelong careers.

With proud local roots and commitment to the communities we serve, Royal Canadian Properties is a business partner that meets the needs of your business to help you grow.